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My name is Irina Grabarnik. I’m an Art director, designer, illustrator and storyteller.

Light projection design


Artworks and designs for Light projection show during the “City Day” in Moscow. The designs were projected on the State University building during the concert. Thousands of people visited the event and it was broadcasted [...]

Concept and Design, De Wasstraat

Concept and Design for PON "De Wasstraat", implemented for PON in Nijmegen. It is an omni-channel concept, where Website, App, Narrowcasting (big screens on location) and an integrated camera on location work as the whole [...]


Webdesign for a creative branding company.

Adventure island logo

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Adventure island logo, made fot the children's amusement park in China.

Theater posters

Design and illustrations: theater posters and a boklet for the opera "Lucia di Lammermoor" (International Opera Productions). Selected in the Lürzer's Archive Book “200 Best Illustrators Worldwide”, featured in Printbuyer, BNO Vormberichten, Illustration Magazine (UK) [...]


The selection of the different logos and symbols for different clients: typographical, hand-made with ink, stylized black-white portraits and a corporate character. Some of the logo's were featured on the expositions and in the publications.

Fashion website

Design for the online lingerie shop.

E-learning game

Design of an e-learning game (incl. avatar designs) for the Nexpresso employees.

SnowPark Logo

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SnowPark Logo made for the snow amusement park for the Unlimited Snow IP.

Adventure Island map


Design and illustrations for the map of the Adventure Island, an amusement nature park (island) in China.

Interactive Mirrors


Branding and digital designs of the interactive mirrors "Dress me up".

Lego iBeacons Concept

Lego iBeacons Concept to create an interactive guided experience, using iBeacons and Personalized settings, for Lego Museum in Denmark.

Merchandising designs


Merchandising designs: plush toys and packaging for the SnowPark (Unlimited Snow).

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