Spoorwegen Museum in Utrecht is one my favourite museums. It’s the ideal combination of a museum and attractions. The museum gives the wide range of different experiences to a visitor. The museum building is very beautiful. There are interesting inside and outside exhibitions featuring the real old trains, different decorations, posters, artefacts, signages and more. It was especially nice to step inside the old trains and see various interiors. The attraction, which leads you underground showing the world of the trains, is gorgeous – very entertaining, and you get a sense how it all worked. There is also a 4D attraction, when people ride the train as a team through the tunnel, which is very exciting.


Also I like very much the beautifully decorated theatre. The spectacles are very fun and with lots of humour and interactivity. Outside there is a mini train for the younger kids. Drinks and food are also great. To conclude, it’s a wonderful place for a family to spend a day, learn new things and enjoy different experiences.