I build the World of Art

Since my very early childhood there is nothing more rewarding than to draw, sitting with a pencil, diving into the wild imagination.As a child I’ve entered the Art school and later got two degrees in Fine Art and Graphic design and Illustration.
Besides multiples courses (calligraphy, lettering, and so on) I’ve spent several years in ScriptPlus in Amsterdam mastering the Craft of Writing.

My working experience started with design and illustrations for books and creating of visuals identities.
Then I’ve worked for the great light projection shows and theatre performances, writing scenario’s, developing concepts and creating art.
I’ve been an illustrator for children publishers and adverting agencies, and I’ve worked as an art director and concept artist in a digital agency and later in a game industry.
Now I’m engaged in the leisure industry, working on the amusement parks – creative direction, visual identity, concept art and illustrations, storytelling, scenaries, attractions, games, character design and films. I’m happy to do this, as my love to art, storytelling and fantasy finds its home here.
Also I’m writing the children’s stories and make the illustrations for the books.

I spend my free time with my dear family. I travel, visit exhibitions, attractions, parks and museums. I love new experiences, great books (with lot of pictures) and the films with strong personalities, like among the recent ones, “Alita” and “the Mortal  Engines”.
My values are to be true to yourself and to the world around you, to love your life as a great inspiration for everything.
My work is my passion – I build the World of Art.


E-mail:  turrica@yahoo.com
Mobile:  0628481535