Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum in Amsterdam is a celebration of curiosity, the collection of unusual, weird and even shocking things.
You will see there the largest insects found ever, a man who turned himself into a Lizardman, the tallest man ever and many other unbelievable things. There the artworks made from pencils, metallic cans, toothpaste or machinery details. I was especially amazed by the small bee with artworks of Van Gogh painted on it. Also the sculpture made entirely from paper (Fancy dancer) and the chinese sculpture featuring small characters placed into the environment from corals (Chinese camel bone sculpture) are so impressive. On the walls hang animated scary portraits (digital screens), which reacts to people passing by. Some information and animations appear on the glass by an exhibit item. There are fun mirrors, animatronics, optical illusions, decorations and interactive activities. When you are passing a moving corridor it gives an illusion that it’s turning and you are about to fall. The museum gives great experience.